Lose weight, improve your heart and decrease your pain with Tai Chi as reported by Dr. Michael Mosley

Are you searching for a way to achieve consistent weight loss?

Are you fed up with going to the gym, but don’t know what else to do?

Have you or your doctor been concerned about heart health?

Look no further!

Taichi and Qigong just may the answer you have been searching for.


Don’t just take my word for it!


Check out what the amazing Dr Michael Mosley has to say about the surprising effects of Tai Chi.

Quick summary of the benefits:

– weight loss, especially visceral fat

– same benefits as aerobic traditional exercise

– balance improvements

– heart health improvements

– mental health

– cognitive functions

– strength

– arthritis support


Listen to the wonderful podcast below:


Here is the link to the original BBC site to hear more from Dr Michael Moseley

Weight loss, heart health as described by Michael Moseley


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