Osteopathy for back pain. neck pain. joint pain in Dartford, Swanley,Gravesend

Osteopathy in Swanley

Osteopathy is a full body therapy. We know that when you experience pain everything matters: your mind, how all joints and muscles of your body interact, even your organ health matters.

Osteopathy treats back pain, any joint pain or injury, tension, posture and more.

Available in Swanley

Massage, chinese Tui Na, for tension release, posture, relaxation in Swanley, Dartford

Tui Na in Swanley

Move better, feel better, breathe better with Tui Na. Whether you like deep massages or the gentle kind, Tui Na has an arsenal of techniques that can do it all. Hand techniques, towels, silks, wooden dowels; something for everyone to love.

Available in Swanley

Osteopathy, Swanley, Dartford, Massage, Yoga

Online Qigong and Tai Chi

Using the methods of ancient Qigong and Tai Chi, you can learn to move better, feel better, improve your strength, heart health, lose weight and be in charge of your movement. Choose from easy through complicated exercises.

Online for stress free, bite sized learning

Level 1 – Basic-Easy, sitting and standing

Great for beginners, and quick easy to do “reset” exercises during the day – office or not.

Learn More about Level 1 – Basic-Easy, sitting and standing

Level 2 – Medium, sitting and standing

The next step up from beginner level, and some more challenging seated exercises that can be done at a desk for more challenging daily resets.

Learn More about Level 2 – Medium, sitting and standing

Level 3 – Advanced

A great challenge for anyone who wants to gently push their control, strength, and flexibility.

Learn More about Level 3 – Advanced

Level 4 – Expert

Fun Challenge for anyone who wants to develop a higher level of strength and balance, as well as high degree of control and body awareness.

Learn More about Level 4 – Expert

At Qibodywisdom we know that being in pain and being unable to freely move impacts the whole of your life; your concentration, sleep, your state of mind - your happiness.

At Qibodywisdom we explore what is causing the pain and find ways to give you both some immediate relief and long-term prevention of relapse.

We know that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and may just need some gentle persuasion to get it onto the right track.

Osteopathy, Swanley, Dartford, Massage, NHS discount

Free yourself from pain and feel yourself again

Follow these simple steps to help get yourself moving towards being pain free and feeling yourself again:


Breathing and Stress Relief

Check your breathing frequently. When you catch yourself shallow breathing (into your upper chest) or even holding your breath, take a minute to reset and breathe more deeply, both in and out. Put your hands onto your sides and breathe into your hands. Expand like a barrel when you breathe in – into your stomach, sides and a little into your back.

Do some Square breathing for a few minutes. Simply hold your breath for 3-5 seconds after each in-and outbreath. You should feel calmer and refreshed after this simple exercise.

Full Body Movement

We all know, most people sit too much. When sitting all that really moves is your upper body, the lower half does not have much of a job. Breathing is usually compromised, too.

  • Pay attention to your feet and breathing even while sitting.

  • Initiate movement from the feet and pelvis even when you are doing simple things like reaching for a pen or your favourite mug. Slight changes can make a significant difference.

  • To keep a more mobile pelvis, you can use tools like a saddle seat, that allow you to move more freely while sitting.

Osteopathy, Massage, Swanley, Dartford
Osteopathy, Massage, Swanley, Dartford


Try to frequently adapt your movement and position in everyday life, rather than remaining in one position for a long time.

Interrupt long sitting sessions with movement and breathing every 30 minutes. It has been shown that it is an effective way to lower stress, blood sugar and increase concentration.

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