Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Simply start with the seated exercises and progress at your own rate through the levels. You will get a benefit and start to feel better with the lower-level exercises.

Once you are confident in them, you can start to increase the speed or even use a weighted bar instead of a light stick to get fitter and stronger without changing the complexity of the movement.

You stick doesn’t have to be a stick, it could be a broom, a walking stick, anything stick-like.

If you don’t have a stick, you can do the exercises without. The benefits of the exercises come from the body movement, not from holding a stick. Try to imagine holding the stick between your hands to get as close a replica of the movement as possible.

Even one exercise a day for 2-3 minutes can make a difference at the start, by simply breaking your routine and doing something different.

If you are not used to exercise it is best to start slowly and increase as you get more confident. Little and often is a much better way to not feel overwhelmed and stick with it down the line, than throwing yourself into the deep end. Give yourself time to adapt and learn, adjust as you need to.

A few minutes to as long as you can keep good technique and breathing.

Always remember, something is better than nothing. Practice isn’t just about performing the movement. Its about creating the habit, feeling good about what you are doing and gently pushing your limits.

Your Qigong exercises need very little space, especially the seated exercises.

The traditional hand form needs a small square space, other forms some more. If you don’t have a great amount of space, no problem, pick a few moves of the form to practice at a time rather than the whole form.

Yes, but there is a “but”. Think of it like medication. You must take it for it to work. Some medications, depending on your condition, take longer to work and may even have initial side effects. You keep taking them with possible dosage adjustments until you get the dosage correct.

This is no different. You must start and continue for at least a few months.

It is generally safe to do all our programs if you exercise common sense. Stay within your personal limits of strength and ability. If in doubt, start with the seated exercises and gradually progress to standing and more challenging variations.

If you are at all unsure, have any chronic or inflammatory problems, please consult a doctor before commencing new types of exercise.

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