Restore your balance and movement!

Are you feeling stiff? Are you not breathing properly? Has your balance disappeared?

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable – and it is never too late to create change.

Learn to restore your ability to move and breathe freely from the comfort of your home (or wherever you choose.).

Using the methods of ancient Qigong and Tai Chi, you can learn to move better, feel better, and be in charge of your movement.

Minimal space, minimal equipment needed.

Choose from easy seated exercises through to more challenging exercises.

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Paid Courses

Level 1 – Basic-Easy, sitting and standing

Great for beginners, and quick easy to do “reset” exercises during the day – office or not.

Learn More about Level 1 – Basic-Easy, sitting and standing

Level 2 – Medium, sitting and standing

The next step up from beginner level, and some more challenging seated exercises that can be done at a desk for more challenging daily resets.

Learn More about Level 2 – Medium, sitting and standing

Level 3 – Advanced

A great challenge for anyone who wants to gently push their control, strength, and flexibility.

Learn More about Level 3 – Advanced

Level 4 – Expert

Fun Challenge for anyone who wants to develop a higher level of strength and balance, as well as high degree of control and body awareness.

Learn More about Level 4 – Expert

Free Courses

Video Reviews

Send in a video of up to 3 sequences of the form or 1 Kai Men with base exercise and extension.

The video can be narrated with questions and problems.

Can only be booked in the first 2 weeks of each month.

Tony and Kathi will review and edit the video with a reply and suggestions of what to work on next.

Video reviews will be done once a month on the last Wednesday of the month.

Video reviews initially are charged at £99 – we offer a maximum of 10 spaces a month.

Purchase the Video Review

Its only possible to purchase the video review within the first 14 days of the month. After the 14th the purchase option will not be available