What are the aspects of Qigong?

Kai Men

  • Kai Men means “open door”.

  • Kai Men Keep the body moving continually while keeping joints as open as possible to alleviate stress and tension.

  • Each baseline exercise consists of a movement sequence performed with consciously synchronised breathing.

  • Each Kai Men has up to 5 extensions, where the body is encouraged to soften and open further than in the baseline exercise.

  • Kai Men focus on the aspects of muscle and joint movement.

  • Kai Men are amazing for physical and mental health and provide an effective method of dealing with stress.


Tao Yin

  • Tao Yin means “secret island”.

  • Tao Yin is a group of therapeutic breathing exercises designed to work on specific areas of the body (unlike Kai Men).

  • Tao Yin are designed to create and maintain harmony in the organs of the body (less so for muscles and joints).

  • Depending on the exercise, they can stimulate or sedate organ function.

  • Tao Yin are a wonderful mindfulness tool, to help increase perception and intuition.

  • A tranquil mind is a beautiful effect of Tao Yin.

  • All Tao Yin have names (like “happy days”) and do not have extensions.

Qigong is suitable for any level as it can be adjusted to your own individual level.
Start your Qigong journey and you won’t regret it.