I'm Kathi, your local Osteopath and Tai Chi instructor at Qibodywisdom.

I have been an Osteopath since 2015 but my fascination with the way the body works goes back much further. I have been driven by my own struggle  with keeping my body working well, having had various surgeries since a very young age, post surgical complications and road traffic accidents, and sadly more.

I qualified at the European School of Osteopathy and am registered with the GOsC.


Tai Chi and Martial Arts were my inspiration to become an Osteopath.

Through Tai Chi and Martial Arts, I not only started to gain an understanding of biomechanics, but early on also experienced the importance of a supporting mindset.

Alongside Osteopathy I also qualified as a Martial Arts coach and Tui Na Massage Practitioner. I have been teaching Anatomy and Biomechanics as part of Tui Na courses since 2018.

I have found these fit together brilliantly and support my absolute belief that everyone can improve the ease and comfort of their movement, and most importantly gain confidence in their body.

My aim is for you to achieve more than just temporary relief.
It is for you to see that you are not broken, or there is nothing wrong with you.
You can learn to be in charge of your health and movement again!

Early detection is better than cure.

I am here to help you find what causes and contributes to your problem and to be a part of finding solutions, unique to you, that you can take away to continue to help yourself.

Naturally, early problem detection is even better than curing them, I therefore also work with clients wanting to learn before problems arise, through both Osteopathy and teaching Qigong and Tai ChiTai Chi.


The Taoist Arts Organisation and its Technical Director Tony Swanson


Kathi has been studying Tai chi and Martial Arts under the TAO's Technical Director, Tony Swanson, since 2006

The Taoist Arts Organisation (TAO) was established in 1995 by Tony Swanson who is the Technical Director.

It grew as a development of the International Taoist Society after the death of Chee Soo in 1994. 

Tony was already 2nd Dan in Wadu Ryu karate when he first met Chee Soo in 1968. He trained with him continuously in all aspects of the Li family system until Chee Soo died. By this time Tony was one of the two highest graded and most senior practitioners in the system, and was an internationally recognised Martial Artist in his own right, with a long record of competition success.

Over 30 of Chee Soo’s instructors sought Tony out to become Technical Director of the TAO because of his extensive knowledge and understanding. His abilities as a coach and a teacher have been clearly demonstrated in his work with the TAO and BCCMA (the governing body for Chinese Martial Arts. Under his guidance students have flourished at every level; instructors are better teachers; students are better practitioners.

As well as providing students with personal development in Tai Chi the TAO has had unrivalled success in sparring and forms categories at every level of competition.

In the years since its inception, students from the TAO have clearly demonstrated the power and beauty of the Li style, winning medals at National, European, and World-class level.  

Tony has been the UK national team coach and has judged martial arts competitions nationally and internationally. Although he is a modest man, his expertise and wisdom are such that his views are sought and valued by experts around the world.

Under his leadership and inspiration the TAO is dedicated to preserving the quality, purity and unity of the Li Style Arts, whilst also providing teaching of the highest quality to its students.
The TAO is a committee run, non-profit organisation. As part of its commitment to excellent training the TAO has gained national recognition as an ITEC school and NVQ Assessment Centre. It maintains the highest professional standards for its instructors. The TAO is an executive member of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), the governing body for Chinese Martial Arts.